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The first observance of a global Minute for Peace was at the time of President John F. Kennedy's death. His efforts to see peace realized through the United Nations were ended in Dallas at 19:00 GMT, the very moment on the global clock when the United Nations Charter was signed eighteen years earlier. In the Minute for Peace broadcast given at the end of the mourning period (December 22, 1963), a recording of President Kennedy was broadcast globally -- proceeded by Front Page announcements in many newspapers telling when this would occur.

The recording was from Kennedy's speech at the United Nations, September 25, 1961:

"Never have the nations of the world had so much to lose or so much to gain. Together we shall save our planet, or together we shall perish in its flames. Save it we can--and save it we must -- and then shall we earn the eternal thanks of mankind and, as peacemakers, the eternal blessing of God."

It's amazing how many different views are expressed about the issues which separate us. Too often we reject those who differ with us. The message of Christmas was peace and good will - to all people. Everyone can agree that we need peace on Earth, and uniting in support of a Minute for Peace Day will stimulate minutes for peace every day on radio and TV worldwide. This is the way to change the global state of mind from fear to faith, from despair to hope.

Let each individual who believes in the power of prayer, of goodwill, join with others on Minute For Peace Day -- December 22, conscious of being linked with others throughout the world on that day, as they pray for peace, talk about the way to peace, and purpose peace in their hearts and minds.

To people of every religion it will be a means to realize the potentials of their faith, that if they agree at the same time, for the same purpose, they can ask what they will and it will be done. On Minute for Peace Day they will ask, in love, for peaceful progress in their lives and throughout the world. To humanists, this will be a time to ponder peace, to celebrate peace with a new awareness of our common humanity.

Minute for Peace History

The first Minute for Peace, was observed globally by people of every creed and culture. We urge world leaders to speak out for this event. This will result in new hope and a new beginning for the whole human family.

Minute for Peace Day occurs at the time of the Winter Solstice (in the northern hemisphere). In ancient history the Winter Solstice was a time for rejoicing. The days before that, kept getting shorter. There was fear this would continue and leave the world in darkness. But on the December Solstice the days started getting longer. Now people knew the dead leaves on the trees would yield their place to new leaves in the Spring.

On this great day of opportunity a new faith, hope and love can replace the dead leaves of the past and inspire cooperation for our common good. Together we can provide a new beginning for the human family -- a time to forgive, forget and start anew.

A Minute for Peace exhibit at the 1965 Worlds Fair increased interest and resulted in daily Minute for Peace broadcasts on many radio stations. These featured the ringing of the UN Peace Bell, a statement by a world leader about ways to foster peace and understanding. This was followed by a request that listeners add their prayer and commitment to help foster peaceful progress on our planet.

To obtain maximum unity in participation, the time designated was 0300, 1100, and 1900 GMT. Stations could program any one as their Minute For Peace and know they were aiding a global turn toward peace..

The idea of Minute for Peace became popular and played a role in ending the war between Pakistan and India in 1966. United Nations Delegates from both sides publicly joined in silent prayer as they were asked to meditate on peace and good will with determination to overcome hatred and injury with the power and benefit of reconciliation and cooperation. That night, in a UN Security Council special meeting, they declared peace.

Minute for Peace became the centerpiece of Earth Day, when we invite people World-Wide to join in two minutes of silent prayer or reflection as the Peace Bell at the United Nations is rung to celebrate the beginning of Spring.

Peace begins in the mind. The repeated participation by friends and adversaries, in heartfelt thoughts and silent prayers for peace when the Peace Bell was rung each year on Earth Day, helped end the Cold War.

Spread the word to every church, synagogue, mosque and school and let people everywhere know of this opportunity to tap the best of their religious values; to join hearts and minds in loving faith that wherever there is hate, fear or conflict, peace will prevail. Together we can make the new millennium a new and better future for the human adventure.

A call by world leaders and heads of government could persuade TV networks and others to promote Minute for Peace Day -- followed by a daily Minute for Peace all over the world.


It was three days before Christmas - And on valley and hill
A Minute for Peace - Joined hearts in good will.
We are one human family - Was the message brought
By the pictures on TV - Where before people fought.
This day then began - A Campaign for Earth
To eliminate poverty - Pollution and dearth.
For when people and groups - Seek a goal all can share
They will treat neighbor and nature - with heartfelt care.
Our planet is suffering - From shortsighted greed
But as Trustees of Earth - We'll meet our Earth's need.


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