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By John McConnell, 90 year old founder of Earth Day

The world today is facing catastrophe because of lust for power and our addiction to war. We need a Magic Bullet that will destroy the ideas that cause war and lust for power. All the efforts of the past have failed.

In the story of the Magic Bullet, it was supposed to always find its mark. Sometimes folklore helps us solve a problem.

The Magic Bullet that works wonders is made of the love that Jesus demonstrated and the faith He inspired. With faith in His promises we not only see His love, we become love.


The world's most magnificent mystery.

We all would like to know: What is our soul?

Is there a continuance of our consciousness when we die?

Is there life after death?

While religions of every kind claim to answer these questions, there is no evidence to support them that scientists can agree on. We are confronted with total mystery.

BUT, the mystery is a MAGNIFICENT MYSTERY -- for now our love of God and neighbor is without proof of reward in a future life.

Love can now be a magnificent unselfish obsession.

We don't do good to get a reward -- but respond to the love and light that Jesus brought. The record of his words and actions inspire the best efforts in this life and the best hope for a future life. They also help us find in our worst enemies the common ground where we agree. We then are able to work together for what we mutually approve and leave room for our differences.

While there is no proof of a future life, neither is there proof it does not exist. Jesus, by his life and words, inspires a wonderful hope that our future life will be magnificent. Oh the faith that works -- not by proof, but by love.

The faith that works by love is the Magic Bullet that can rid the world of war, lust, poverty and injustice. With the Magic Bullet we are not doomed, but can rid the world of the evil that threatens us and provide a new beginning for the human family. 

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