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By John McConnell, 90 year old Founder of Earth Day

May 20, 2005

Denver, Colorado

The TV program 20-20 is having a program tonight on The Resurrection of Christ. I am the son of a Pentecostal evangelist (Rev. J. S. McConnell) and was taught in my childhood that Jesus provided the best solution to the problems of life.

My father wrote a book, The New Covenant, that was unique. It contained nothing but verses from the Bible. Most were from the New Testament. At the close of the book he catalogued all the Commandments of Jesus. It is amazing that there are exactly 147. This is 7 X 21. When he cataloged them, he had exactly seven commandments under twenty one subjects.

Jesus said, If you love me, keep my commandments.

Throughout my life I have found great help in reflecting on the commandments and the promises of Jesus. They were a part of the thinking that produced my global Minute for Peace, Earth Day, and the Earth Magna Charta (see ).


In reflecting on my total life experience, I am confronted by the greatest mystery in the world. Brilliant well educated scientists and scholars contradict one another on the meaning of life and what is most important.

We live in an age of science and philosophy. But there are no answers we can agree on to the basic question of why we exist and what life is all about.

On the other hand, we agree that we have an amazing planet with a web of life that can provide a great future (in this life) for the whole human family. I and others have documented the fact that we could eliminate global poverty and provide a good life for most everyone, if world leaders would get attention for Earth Day and its Earth Trustee Agenda for Peace, Justice and Care for Planet Earth.

I hope everyone who reads this will think of what they can do that will implement Earth Trustee Goals. Perhaps we can engender new faith and action that will avoid the rapid end of civilization and provide a new beginning for the whole human family.

Start now and help make Earth Day, March 20, 2006 a global turn toward peace.

John McConnell
4924 E. Kentucky Circle
Denver, CO 80246
Phone: 303/758-7687

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