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POPE - Peace On Planet Earth

By John McConnell - Earth Day Founder

Dedicated to the memory of Pope John Paul II


Planet Earth has an amazing web of life. A beautiful diversity covers the globe. There are giant redwood trees, beautiful flowers, birds, animals and all the natural resources needed to provide the human family a good life.

But the human addiction to war and the failure to take care of Earth has resulted in the danger of an end to the human adventure.

Hundreds of Billions of Dollars go for military programs and devilish weapons of war. Were the money spent for education in peaceful resolution of conflict, there would be no more wars.

Where the money goes, decides what the future will bring.

On balance, the bad far outwieghs the good. Our planet is doomed.

To avoid catastrophe, there must be a great awakening. We must convince leaders and laymen that the only hope for a future is to unite in support of a global peace blitz. We must change the global state of mind from Earth Kill to Earth Care.

The Earth Trustee agenda of the March Equinox Earth Day points the way. This can appeal to people of every creed and culture. Everyone should find something they can do that will foster "peace, justice, and a sustainable future."

Heartfelt prayer -- implemented by action, can provide a new beginning for the whole human family.

Many sites now mention and support the Earth Trustee idea and agenda. How can we best provide a framework for reports and action? The problem is there are so many good ideas on Internet -- and the world is still in a terrible state! As I told one zealous web master, "If thousands of web sites about planting trees are posted - and nobody plants any trees, what good is it?"

We must start with the big picture. John Glenn's trip in Space got attention and reminded us we are one human family and only have one Earth. If we are interested in a future, the only way is the Earth Trustee Way: individual and community action for peace, justice and the care of Earth. Email and web sites can help. But we must find a way to make our stake and action in cyberspace (the virtual world) always equaled by our stake and action in the real world.

Ideas for cyberspace

Web masters who share this view can benifit people and planet by calling their site an Earth Trustee site -- and providing a link with the Earth Magna Charta at

They should provide Earth Trustee Message Boards that would be available to report actions and results.

Encourage universities who adopt the Earth Magna Charta to implement it in their own way, monitor and

report what other institutions in their purview are doing. They too could have message boards for sharing information and for interaction by Earth Trustees. Their different views and approaches would provide friendly competition that would complement the Earth Trustee purpose.

Let libraries and other information institutions catalogue articles and books that deal with peace, justice and the care of Earth under the three Earth Trustee headings: Ecology, Economics, Ethics.

Vision and action by mass media can assist the Earth Trustee Evolution. Let them adopt and publish the Earth Magna Charta and use it to make solutions more exciting than problems.

Every person can make a difference. With prayer and faith find what you can do. Together, we can tip the balance from Earth Kill to Earth Care -- and achieve global Peace On Planet Earth.

John McConnell
4924 E. Kentucky Circle
Denver, CO 80246
Phone: 303/758-7687

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