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The Gremlins of a Poisoned Society
From Mark Edgemon

What is this increasing movement toward violence in our society, where gunmen choose to kill innocent civilians, targeting peoples of different ethnic races or financial status, moving society’s governments toward a crackdown on personal liberties and freedoms, until ultimately we are all controlled by a single sovereign society or government every waking moment of our lives. Society cannot allow this to continue, whether it is mass murder in Mumbai, India, customers shooting one another in a toy chain store outlet or employees being trampled to death by frantic shoppers trying to save a few dollars.

The people of the world today maybe acting out violent tendencies due to higher than usual stress levels, but there is more to it than that. Whatever the underlying spiritual destabilization of each person’s psychological infrastructure, these increasing acts of violence on a global scale is leading our world governments to an inevitable direction of uniting toward a prototype of a one world government. By breaking down barriers that have existed since the beginning of mankind, law enforcement will one day be able to move easily throughout a new one-world society to track down and apprehend those who can currently walk in anonymity by escaping to foreign soil.

The question I pose is why are more people willing to die today in order to fulfill their blood lust through tragic terrorist acts or random violence in the marketplace. There is really no future in suicide bombings for the perpetrator or a terrorist intent on killing others before causing law enforcers to kill them in order to bring an end to a violent confrontation.

If the world’s society were a strategic game between good and evil, it would seem that evil would be setting us up for utter destruction. It appears that the killing of people in places and situations are designed to provoke a swift and immediate violent response by government’s military or law enforcement, is order to cause a chain reaction that would eventually destroy mass numbers of people and the infrastructures of local and national governments.

In other words, is instability the goal? Instability causes vulnerabilities, which opens the doors to domination by other governments stronger and better able to take advantage of the weakened state or lesser stable governments.

So, is global destabilization the goal? The economic crisis certainly feeds into this plan.

The gremlins of a poisoned society exist on various levels from the world planners and would be architects of a new world society, down to those who are willing to die to bring about the instability.

There is a spiritual side to these wanton acts of violence, a hidden motivation that cannot be seen by the perpetrator committing the lawless acts. Throughout history, there are times of readjustments to correct flaws in society’s matrix. War keeps check on over population as does disease and famine.

Ultimately, control will correct the epidemic of violence, but at a great cost to our personal freedoms.

Copyright © 2009 The Works of MARK EDGEMON

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