Starting a Vegan Church Where You Live


Frank L. Hoffman, Founder,
January 2017 has received many requests for information about 'how to start a vegan church where I live." This is some basic information from which you can create that!

To have a "church"

  1. Get a group of vegans together whose religious commitments are important to their veganism.
  2. In order to have a church, you need 25 supporting families (not individuals) who are willing to donate enough to support ongoing growth. Not occasional donors, but people who commit financially to the expansion of the church.
  3. Start having meetings at a home, church, library, storefront or public place open to private meetings (find free space in the beginning).
  4. If you want to have a full-time church pastor and location, you will need a minimum of 50 families. If you do not have 50 families, the chances of it growing are less than favorable...unless you have someone or some few people who will provide finances.

To have a "group"

If you and your fellow activists do not want to work toward having an established church, set scheduled meetings (at a home, church, library, storefront or public place open to private meetings) that are open to vegans who are looking for a place to empower their religious commitments.

Whether you want to 'build a church' or provide a group structure where people can meet, to avoid the pitfalls of dissension about religious doctrinal issues, it is important to develop a mission/purpose statement that is NOT about doctrinal issues, but reflects the group's commitment to expand veganism as empowered by people's religious commitments. is available to support you. Feel free to contact us!


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