Can Animal Rights and Vegetarianism (Veganism) Succeed Without Church Support? - Readers' Comments by Frank L. Hoffman - 29 Dec 2002
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Readers' Comments by Frank L. Hoffman - 29 Dec 2002
January 2003

 Dear Sean:

Thank you very much for your comments.

Both Mary and I had some of the same concerns you have about selective violence, and we came to the conclusion that any exclusion has a way of making the message less credible. We can all find an excuse for something. By saying "pro-life" means the preserving of all life is all situations, we take away the excuses.

Innocent people have been found guilty, and some of them have been executed. No chance of parole, eliminates the death penalty and eliminates the chance of an "Oops, we made a mistake!" by killing an innocent person.

The Bible teaches us that perfect love casts out fear, and hate and revenge are aspects of fear. The more we seek to be perfected in God's love, as our heavenly Father is perfect, the closer we come to finding alternatives to killing and violence in all its forms.

In the Love of the Lord,


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