Can Animal Rights and Vegetarianism (Veganism) Succeed Without Church Support? - Readers' Comments - Comments by Kim - 18 June 2002
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Readers' Comments - Comments by Kim - 18 June 2002
January 2003

Dear Stephen,

This is the encounter and experience I have had as well over the years-- the two "glaring issues" that you mentioned.  I wish I had an answer or an alternate approach ...... ultimately I found a "different" religion that supported my views.  I see easily where Christianity and vegetarianism meet ...... unfortunately many "Christians" don't seem to share that perspective.  This goes even beyond vegetarianism ....... to the point where the death of a companion animal, or animal rights in general, really don't cause a stir or merit any sympathy.  Mourning the death of an animal, or support for animal rights causes tends to warrant disdain or disbelief from the branch of Christianity you have mentioned.  Yes, I have experienced this, too -- too many times to count.

Incidentally, you mentioned the "unspoken right to procreate" .......... they never seem to have an answer to overpopulation or hunger or homelessness or poverty. We may have the ability to procreate ..... but we also have the ability to kill.  Does that mean we have a right to do either as much as we want? I think the "A time for ..." passages in Ecclesiastes (I think) would have a lesson here. We are already as "numerous as the stars in the sky", and so are the many homeless dogs and cats in my neighborhood -- from "procreating as much as we want". With over 6 billion of us on a planet, and rampant hunger and homelessness and poverty ........ our "human supremacy" really hasn't put us in a good position to preach.



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