Can Animal Rights and Vegetarianism (Veganism) Succeed Without Church Support? - Readers' Comments - Comments by Maynard S. Clark - 18 Jun 2002
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Readers' Comments - Comments by Maynard S. Clark - 18 Jun 2002
January 2003

Incidentals!   Incidentals! 
Not to be overlooked, but not to be weighted too strongly in deciding how to live and communicate.

Your neighbor is not the entire world, and we DO live in history.  Your neighbor's behavior is NOT the sum-total of human history, nor should it be treated as such.

IF one BELIEVES the Gospel accounts and teachings, then look again at the malice towards persons exhibited by ALL human persons, not merely by professing Christians.

The Bible isn't start out being ABOUT the behavior of Christians, but about the moral condition of the human species.  It's at THAT point that meticulous, sensitive observers of OUR SPECIES have talking ground with the Bible (even if they're not on the same page with professing Christians).

It's ONE thing to discuss advancing humane agendas inside churches, but while not entirely different, it's logically distinct from reading the Bible to read what is taught there about our species.  I say: a confrontation is in order, a personal self-confrontation on the order of those 'inner jihads' some Muslims are publicly discussing.


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