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Klaus Mitchell,
January 2017

Google trends reveal astonishing 90% increase in 'vegan' searches in last 12 months.

vegan google
See search result on Google Trends:

The latest Google Trends results for 'vegan' are a strong indicator of veganism's recent progress, and come amid an exciting week when vegan poster campaigns from Veganuary, PETA and Go Vegan World all launch.

Furthermore, given the following promising markers, it is clear that the mainstream is starting to adopt veganism:

  1. There are now 350% more vegans in the UK compared to a decade ago
  2. Vegan food sales are up 1,500% in the UK in the last year
  3. Vegetarian menus are up 66% in the US in the last three years
  4. The 2017 Veganuary campaign is already over twice as popular compared to 2016

For more information about the growth of veganism, please see VEGAN 2016: A Growing Movement Under Attack.

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