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(04:18) PETA video demonstrates that from the moment the bull enters the ring, he is destined to die. His death will be slow and painful, and the last moments of his life will be full of terror and confusion as he hears the sounds of a jeering crowd. For the bull, bullfighting is no “competition.” It is simply slaughter for human entertainment.

A bull is goaded nearly to the point of heart failure and mutilated by barbed spears oftentimes up to six inches in length that are thrust deep into the flesh of his back and neck. Exhausted and vulnerable from his wounds, he can barely stand. He is so weak and confused that he is unable to protect himself. Only then is he finally allowed to die – when a matador plunges a blade between the bull's shoulder blades, severing his spine. Death comes slowly for the now semi-paralyzed animal.

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