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Huge Stream of Pig Blood Dumped into Trinity River, Texas

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(02:55) Text courtesy of Friends of Animals United (FAUN).

A Texas man that sent out his drone plane hoping to take some eye-catching shots of the Dallas suburbs caught just that - except not in the way he anticipated. What he discovered turned out to be an environmental hazard. His pictures showed a bright, red pigment in a creek behind a 99-year-old meat packing plant. The red pigment, to his shock and surprise, was pig blood.


Soon after handing his pictures over to the authorities, the Columbia Packing Company was served with a search warrant by the Texas Environmental Task Force. An underground pipe located behind the slaughterhouse was investigated and was not found to be connected to any waste water system. It was later tested by authorities which found a substantial amount of pig blood. The creek runs into Trinity River where a lot of kayackers and nature lovers have been making it a very popular place to frequent. Taken aback by the allegations that were exalted last week the company was not aware of any solicitude.

However when contacted by government officials they complied in answering any questions on the matter. The Columbia Packing Co. were surprised at the allegations and refuted any deliberate wrong doing. This hasnʼt, however, prompted the halt of production at the slaughterhouse nor has any immediate action been taken by Columbia Packing to address the underground pipe in question.

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