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Huge "Pet" Snake versus Dead Rabbit

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(09:23) A "snake expert" marvels at how fascinating it is to watch "how snakes eat." After years of owning snakes he says, "I still have to sit back and watch in amazement" as snakes eat frozen dead animals.

In this video we can see the boxes in which his "beloved snakes" are forced to live their entire lives. The boxes are opened when it's time to feed them when he can "marvel at their power."

His snakes are forced to live as "property" in these unnatural circumstances for people's amusement.

In investigating the issue of captive snakes, we discovered that most "pet snake experts" recommend AGAINST feeding live animals to the snakes. They recommend purchasing frozen rabbits, mice and/or rats, thawing them out and then feeding the snakes in order to protect the snakes from the claws, teeth and beaks of terrified, thrashing animals as they are suffocated and devoured.

Our conclusion? Feeding live animals to "pet" snakes" is pure sadistic entertainment and has nothing to do with natural food needs of the snakes.

There is no more concern for the animals used for food than there is for the "pet" snake.

How many animals are bred, reared, slaughtered and fed to imprisoned "pet" snakes? The whole thing is just nasty and mean.

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