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Major Department Stores Selling Real Fur Labeled as "Fake"

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(02:00)  The HSUS uncovers false online advertising at Macy's (and other major stores), where real fur coats are marketed as faux.

Please also see:  Raccoon Dogs (17:01) - Major department stores purchase and sell fur & fur trim DIRECTLY from these specific places!  Many of these same stores have also falsely labeled these products as "fake," when in reality the unknowing consumer still supports the wealth and sustainability of these industries! Recent undercover investigations have blown the whistle on a few of these stores, but apparently, it is still not enough.  Boycott ALL fur & fur trim whether it is considered Fake or Real. Please see this footage to fully understand the why real and faux fur reflects a hideous message.

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Help end this cruelty now! Please visit: Campaigns - Stop Wearing Fur

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