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It is our hope that this footage will bolster your resolve to help end animal cruelty. We encourage you to share this information with others and also visit our Activism Section for information on what you can do to make the world a better place for animals and humans.

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(04:43) Produced by PETA and narrated by James Cromwell, this video takes us through just a small observation of the surface of animal testing through a number of facilities including: University of California, Riverside, Boys Town Research Center, University of North Carolina, Iams Pet Food Laboratory, to name a few. [For more information about these facilities and many others, please visit, Stop Animal Exploitation NOW, SAEN.

All these tests here could have been done on human cells removed from operations or donated in test tubes, which is cheaper, 100% accurate (whereas testing on animals is extremely inaccurate, for example anesthesia that we use to knock people out actually stimulates many animals including rats, cats and horses), can be examined more carefully and most of all is more ethical.

For more information on how you can end this needless suffering of animals visit Stop Animal Tests or for a full list of companies that do and don't test on animals, please visit Caring Consumer.

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