The Campaign to Get 10,000 Black Women to Go Vegan!
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FROM Ellen Dent,
February 2020

Her program focuses on social justice and achieving that through dietary change on a wide scale.

Greens not Genese
Tracye is challenging black cultural norms with her efforts!

Tracye McQuirter has a brand new program: “10,000 Black Vegan Women.” Through a series of online 21-Day Vegan Fresh Starts throughout the year that include cooking videos, meal plans, vegan recipes, grocery shopping lists, meal prep guides, and nutrition tips, vegan expert Tracye McQuirter, MPH - By Any Greens Necessary

Tracye McQuirter

The history of black vegans and vegetarians is very personal for Tracye. Her program focuses on social justice and achieving that through dietary change on a wide scale. Knowing the history behind veganism in the black community is vital to comprehend why this is so important to transition to a diet comprised of plants. Tracye was inspired by black vegetarian/vegan pioneers Rosa Parks, Dr. Alvenia Fulton and Dick Gregory who influenced her decision to go vegan. Surprisingly, Jane and Tracye point out that before slaves were brought to America their diet was mostly plant-based in Africa. Tracye is revolutionizing how this now modern community eats by encouraging them to get back to their traditional roots and go vegan. This is an “all-encompassing issue” that is impacting the black and minority communities now.

Right now there are communities of color that are victims of the slaughterhouses in their neighborhoods. Jane explains that in the documentary Cowspiracy they show a slaughterhouse spewing waste into a low-income community mostly comprised of minorities. Tracy agrees and explains that we are also dealing with the impact of black people eating animal products.

Black women, in particular, have high rates of diabetes and heart disease due to their traditional diets. Tracye aims to show them that eating vegan food is cultural and it has been around for many years. She explains that black women are the biggest target of white supremacy and patriarchy and this is why this particular community is who she has chosen to focus on.

Every 21 days in 2020 Trayce’s program will be helping people get a fresh vegan start! This will include recipes, education, and inspiration from her and her team. The hope is to help teach women the importance of the program and the history behind the reasons for this program. They have already signed up 1200 women with during the soft launch and now they aim to get 10,000 women signed up in the official launch in May. After that, who knows maybe they will be able to sign up 100,000 people and more are sure to follow.

We thank Tracye for taking on this challenge to break cultural norms and heal this oftentimes underserved community. Go to her website today and sign up to get on your way to a healthier compassionate lifestyle - By Any Greens Necessary  

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