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FROM David Cantor, RPA Responsible Policies for Animals
December 2020

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Fall 2020, PERSONS Newsletter (PDF)

To Be Well, Humanity Must Eradicate Animal Abuse, Not Just COVID

That is a tough nut to crack with animal abuse built into every aspect of civilization. RPA's big-picture advocacy points institutions in the right direction.

COVID-19 vaccines are anticipated with due enthusiasm. But unfortunately, eliminating COVID-19 will not make humanity well. Animal abuse – all that human beings do to and with other animals and their natural homes and ecosystems – has channeled disease from other animals to human bodies for thousands of years. Eliminate a disease and one source of misery and fear goes away; eliminate the animal abuse-human misery cycle and thousands will.

Since everyone but psychopaths favors “humane treatment of animals,” it seems like it should be easy to halt the animal abuse that causes human beings to sicken and die. But animal abuse is far vaster and more thoroughly woven into civilization than we would know from any of our institutions, even prominent animal-advocacy organizations. Because human beings are innately humane, civilization keeps its animal-abuse systems going by keeping the public in a perpetual state of unreality. Universities, news, schools, industries, youth groups, professional associations, and other institutions provide infinite facts, information, knowledge, and opinions – all without telling the truth.

All of our institutions promote animal abuse and therefore human disease. Here, I’ll explain how RPA pressures two of our most powerful institutions to help halt the animal abuse-human misery cycle: the agriculture-college system and the news industry.

University Animal-Abuse Training

Imagine how much better off human beings, other animals, and the rest of the living world would be if our massive network of agriculture colleges at 105 land-grant universities (LGUs) promoted human wellbeing rather than the animal abuse-human misery cycle.

They could start by teaching agriculture – cultivation of fields - and ceasing ceasing their animal-abuse training, lobbying, propaganda, experimentation, research, marketing, and sales for the meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries.

In programs called “animal science,” they teach the meat delusion, a manufactured set of false and harmful industry-serving beliefs that:

  • human beings are natural omnivores, predators, and hunter-gatherers;
  • there can be “humane” meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries;
  • there can be ecologically sound meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries;
  • the standard American diet (SAD) is healthful; and'
  • there can be meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries that do not sicken and poison human beings.


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