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FROM BeyondAnimal.com
February 2020

A digital platform to accelerate the growth of the global vegan economy.

Beyond Animal

Our Values


Our mission is to accelerate the transition towards animal-free products and services across all industries worldwide.


Build an integrated digital platform with a range of innovative solutions designed to facilitate and enable a transition to animal-free products and services and reduce dependency on animal-derived products and services of businesses and consumers globally.

Who we are?

Beyond Animal is a Swiss company that is founded by two expert professionals in finance and technology. IT strategist, mentor expert.

Claire Smith (Chairwoman, CIO)

Vegan entrepreneur and impact investor. Claire has created a humane investment platform Beyond Investing designed for vegans and environmentalists, which includes programs in both public listed equity markets, creating cruelty-free and thematic funds, and venture capital, directly founding and investing in vegan, plant-based and cruelty-free businesses.

Dhanesh Kothari (CEO, CTO)

IT strategist, mentor expert. Dhanesh is a former head of IT development at leading Swiss banks, who have been more recently mentoring purpose-driven technology start-ups. His expertise lies in making innovative use of technology for creating positive impact at a global level.

Both Claire and Dhanesh share one common purpose: A kinder, cleaner, healthier world. We hope you enjoy using the Beyond Animal platform.

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