Animal Save Movement's 2020 Annual Report
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FROM Animal Save Movement
January 2021

Animal Save Movement's first annual report includes latest campaigns and new global structure and advisory board.

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Why Bear Witness?

We all have a moral duty to locate slaughter- houses in our communities, bear witness, orga- nize and mobilize our communities. It is import- ant to regularly attend animal vigils, to docu- ment the victims’ stories, and to help through animal rescues and Slaughter-Free City cam- paigns. We show up to offer love, kindness and compassion to those who suffer in their final moments. Using video and photography we are able to capture portraits of animals, showing their individuality, allowing us to lift the veil of secrecy and expose the horror, sadness and abuse that billions of non-human animals suffer every single day.

As our movement grows and we collectively bear witness, we will be able to intervene on a mass scale and the horror that we see and feel regard- ing the “animal emergency” involving billions of farmed animals will be reversed. As we approach a critical mass we will turn the tide and achieve animal liberation.

Animal Vigils

An animal vigil is defined as a peaceful community gathering at a site of injustice, such as a slaughter- house, an auction, live market or animal agricultural farm. A vigil is a way of expressing love and support for the victims as well as an opportunity to tell their stories and raise awareness.

We encourage regular vigils, as well as special all day and five-day vigils, with added tactics such as animal rescues, hunger strikes, special guest speakers, workshops, chalk- tivism, musical acts and vegan food giveaways as part of a wider Slaughter-Free Cities campaign.

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