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FROM Animals: A Parallel History
May 2021

This project is driven by a revolutionary concept: Animal History must be introduced into the curricula of schools worldwide.

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“Animals: A Parallel History” is the first feature documentary movie and worldwide education project about the role of animals in human history. The revolutionary idea behind the movie project is to introduce a compulsory ‘Animals in Modern History’ curricula in schools worldwide, from age 12, separately or as part of classic History lessons.

Education is the cradle of every change. And we can change the entire system if we begin with school education. This project is driven by a revolutionary concept: Animal History must be introduced into the curricula of schools worldwide. Teaching world history while disregarding the role played by animals leads to skewed perceptions that are reflected in tainted environmental policies. Current conventional narratives also dismiss the crimes perpetrated by humans against animals – large and small. Today we face a human generation who are wiping out wildlife and ‘livestock’ in enormous numbers. We want to ensure that the world that comes after us is a world in which new generations are conscious and in harmony with animals and nature. The only way to achieve this noble idea is through school education, as soon as possible.

With this powerful educational tool we can save many animals with the coming generations. Animals are brutally exploited, hunted and eaten. But how did we get into this situation, our generally accepted reality? How did we build this brutal world that has become a hell on earth for animals. This is the story of our film and book. People will understand the enormous contribution of animals in human history; many historical events would not have happened without animals. Without this knowledge, most children and adults cannot see the reality in which we live and created in the last 300 years.

In addition to the film “Animals: A Parallel History,” the project also contains two books: a non-fiction, ‘Animals in Modern History,’ book ready for school education and an amazing photo book and traveling exhibition with the animal history posters photographs colorized for the first time. 

The major plan for Animal History Curriculum implementation in the schools worldwide is:

  • a) to submit a petition with demands to the UNICEF president or the UN president;
  • b) the film premiere on one global channel on that day,
  • c) to open an Animal History Exhibition in many cities around the world on the same day, creating a landmark global event. All in the same day, the Animal History Global Day.

This will drive the attention of the public, media, educational boards, teachers, education ministers, etc. Also, as part of the worldwide event, we will announce our second demand: the UN Animal Chair in the General Assembly.

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