The Blueprint: Fur Industry Analysis, Weak Links, Addresses
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FROM North American Animal Liberation Press Office
July 2020

Years in the making,the 10th anniversary Blueprint fur farm list is out now.

The Blueprint

Totally overhauled and updated for 2020, here's what's new:

  • Over 100 new fur farms.
  • 90+ closed farms.
  • 17 pages of updated analysis on industry vulnerabilities.
  • Much more...


  • “The Blueprint is…. a terrorist handbook.”
    - Utah mink farmer
  • “A how-to guide for carrying out attacks against mink ranchers.”
    - Park Record

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How To Use

This document is broken down into three parts, forming a concise blueprint
for destroying the fur industry.

  • The Foundation
    Part I details why the fur industry is a weak and strategic target.
  • The Weak Links
    Part II details key vulnerabilities in the fur industry.
  • The Addresses
    Part III is a state-by-state directory of fur farms and infrastructure targets.

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