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May 2020

FishFeel's page of activities to educate kids about the wonders of all fishes: coloring pages, puzzles, jokes, reading resources.

kids and fishes

Earth is home to more than 30,000 known species of fish, which is more than all the other species of vertebrate animals combined. Fish are amazingly diverse and truly fascinating. Did you know, for example, that fish are fast learners with long-term memories and a keen sense of time? They recognize other individuals, can keep track of complex social relationships, and work cooperatively with other species. Fish are inquisitive, perceptive, and personable.

FishFeel's Kid's Page has a variety of activities to help educate kids about the wonders of all fishes. Here are just some kid-appropriate examples.

For more downloadable resources, please visit FISHFEEL's KID'S PAGE!

Coloring Pages (two examples)

fish coloring pages

Puzzles (two examples)

kids fish puzzles

Stickers (one example)

fish-not-food stickers


Childrens' Recommended Readings

Book Readings

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