I Just Got Out of Jail...
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FROM Kitty Jones, DxE, Direct Action Everywhere
June 2020

We entered an extremely wealthy gated ďcommunityĒ, walked on the lawn of one of the mansions of Iowa Select Farms (ISF) CEO Jeff Hanson, dug small graves, and held a funeral to honor baby piglets murdered by ISF.

Piglet grave

Myself and fellow DxE activists were arrested yesterday for entering an extremely wealthy gated ďcommunity,Ē walking on the lawn of one of the mansions of Iowa Select Farms (ISF) CEO, digging small graves, and holding a funeral to honor baby piglets murdered by ISF.

Piglet burial

Jeff Hanson, the CEO of ISF, owns multiple mansions and is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Every dollar he has is made on the bodies of writhing, screaming, dying pigs.

Animal-kiling companies like ISF do ANYTHING to keep their atrocities and the truth in the dark. We will not stop until all animal exploitation is abolished.

We all went to jail. In jail you have no freedom, you canít do anything, you canít talk to anyone, itís cold as hell, they never turn off the lights, you sleep on cold cement, you use the bathroom in front of everyone, you are highly vulnerable to COVID19 (we were crammed in a small cell with coughing strangers), and you have no sense of time or what's happening in the world.

We had the privilege to take action, get arrested, and go in and out of the system in a day. But there are 2.3 million other people caught up in the system in the US. All night thought about my friends (and the people I donít know personally) who were suffering behind bars, torn apart from their families, detained for migrating to survive, stealing food or necessities, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or for literally doing nothing at all. People who find themselves in jail and prison for not days, but months... years... or even until the day they die.

Everyone I met in jail was locked up for nonviolent, victimless crimes including: possessing cannabis, stealing food, being the victim of domestic violence, and for calling an ambulance to save a strangerís life.

Why are these harmless people being punished when the real criminals are out there shooting protesters in the face (the police), deporting families (immigration officials), and ordering animals to be brutally slaughtered (animal ag executives)?

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