Toronto Activists Rise Up For Regan Russell
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FROM The Save Movement Toronto
November 2020

As our animal rights movement mourns the loss of the inspirational activist Regan Russell, Toronto Pig Save activists have kept her name and memory in the media spotlight with high impact publicity stunts and thought provoking street theatre.

Regan Russell

The death of Regan was an enormous shock to all. How has Toronto Pig Save been impacted by her death?

The violent death of Regan Russell is a huge loss, not only to Toronto Pig Save but also the global animal rights community. People from all over the world grieved her loss, held memorial vigils in her honour, and organized actions to raise awareness about her death.

Locally, people are devastated. Her death has left many traumatized. It is still unbelievable that Regan is no longer with us. Vigils without her are no longer the same. She used to stand at the gate of Sofina Foods’ Fearmans pig slaughterhouse every week with her bright orange sign that read, “All animals need protection under the law.” Her loss is so deeply felt at every event.



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