Life With Pigs Sanctuary - 2020 Report
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FROM Life With Pigs
January 2021

2020 was an amazing year for all of us at Life With Pigs!

Life with Pigs

Life with Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary provides forever homes to farm animals in need and compassion-filled educational experiences to the public.

Life with Pigs is dedicated to educating people about the injustices faced by animals and how we can better coexist with our fellow earthlings. We operate under the guiding principle that animals are our equals and deserve equal consideration for their needs and desires.

2020 Impact Report

Millions of hearts and minds reached! 2020 was an amazing year for all of us at Life With Pigs:

  • We reached millions of people around the world.
  • Our animal rescue family grew and we continued to provide happily ever afters to all our animal family.
  • We went from 30,000 followers to 60,000 on Facebook and from 1,000 on Instagram to 16,000.

Read our 2020 Impact report to see how your support of Life With Pigs has made a huge impact towards making the world safer for animals everywhere!


Please read the ENTIRE REPORT HERE (PDF).

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