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July 2020

Tune in to this podcast if you are you interested in how analysts, entrepreneurs, and CEOs are making the future of food more plant-based.

plantbased business

Are you interested in how analysts, entrepreneurs, and CEOs are making the future of food more plant-based?

Currently plant-based business and innovation news is missing in the mainstream media and the PLANTBASED BUSINESS HOUR is here to bring it to light and share it with the world. The Plantbased Business Hour airs LIVE on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1p PT on the Elysabeth Alfano LinkedIn Live Page, and the JaneUnChained News Network FB Live Page. Check out all the episodes here and learn more about life as a vegan on Elysabeth’s website.

Just some of the podcasts:

  • The Vurger Company from London, investor Chris Kerr from the United States, and the founders of Dao Foods from China all show how international companies from around the globe are invested in a plant-based future.
  • The Vurger Co. Founders Rachel Hugh and Neil Potts weigh in on London-town, reinventing themselves during social distancing, their commitment to sustainability and zero plastics and their predictions for the future. Grab your burger and settle in – The Plantbased Business Hour heads to London!
  • Chris Kerr of Unovis Asset Managers / New Crop Capital has invested behind all the biggies: Beyond Meat, Miyoko’s, Alpha Foods, Kite Hill, Purple Carrot. Now, he lets us in on a secret: What’s NEXT! Plus, Chris divulges what he looks for in a company before he invests. Valuations, exit strategies and product extensions: we get into it all.
  • It’s a Chinese (Plant-based) Revolution: Albert Tseng and Tao Zhang of Dao Foods join me to discuss creating the Next Generation Good Food, growing a crop of innovative entrepreneurs and a pre-destined (do the numbers!) plant-based China. Topics of note are 1) are female executives entering the plant-based space in China? 2) why Dao focuses on China rather than Asia as a whole? 3) are investors waiting in the wings to support plant-based innovation and what role will government ultimately play? 

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