SHARK's 2020 Year in Review
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December 2020

Amid a pandemic, SHARK rose to the challenge, finding new ways to save lives.


2020 has been an incredibly difficult and painful year for many of us. The pandemic hit early, shutting down much of the country. SHARK, however, did not stop. We rose to the challenge, finding new ways to save lives.

We called this campaign, “Operation Shutdown,” and we targeted canned hunting clubs operating in violation of state shut- down orders. Operation Shutdown began when we saw a New Jersey hunt club's advertisement for two "hunting" slaughters during the lockdowns. The first was for 1,000 tame ducks, who were to be released and slaughtered, followed by a second shoot where 1,250 ducks and pheasants were to suffer the same fate. We called the hunt club and legally recorded them discussing their plans. Then we presented that evidence to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s office.

We are proud to say that Governor Murphy took immediate action to shut the two planned slaughters down, saving 2,250 lives.

And what was just the beginning!....

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