Trafalgar Square Fountains are Now Blood Red in Protest of Factory Farming
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July 2020

Trafalgar Square’s two landmark fountains are now blood red after animal rights activists poured colored dye into the water to protest cruel factory farming.

Trafalgar Square
The red fountains made for a striking sight - Instagram

Captured on video during a peaceful demonstration by Animal Rebellion, the footage shows a male protestor pouring red dye into one of the fountains at the famous London landmark, showing his stained hands to the crowd.

Socially-distanced demonstrators stand in the square calling on the UK Government to take accountability for animal welfare, holding up banners that read “Prevent future pandemics. End animal farming” and “Animals bleed for human greed.”

“Animal Rebellion has now dyed the Trafalgar Square fountains red, symbolizing the blood that is on the hands of the UK Government,” the group wrote on Twitter. “We are here today to demand that the Government prevent future pandemics by ending animal farming and transitioning to a plant-based food system.”

According to the Metropolitan Police, the two protesters were arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage. Demonstrations like this one, however, help shed light on the atrocities that cows, pigs, chickens, and others endure every day on torturous factory farms.

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