The Egg Industry is a Baby-Killing Enterprise
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FROM David Jack James
October 2020 Facebook Post

Is slaughtering billions of baby chicks okay because your trivial taste pleasure is more important?

Baby Chicks

On World Egg Day, let’s remember that THE EGG INDUSTRY IS A BABY-KILLING ENTERPRISE, even if you get “backyard eggs,” because those hens come from the same hatcheries as the factory farmed hens. “Backyard egg” sellers can’t profitably hatch their own chicks. They must purchase chicks from hatcheries, where male chicks are sorted out and killed by being ground up alive, gassed, or left to suffocate in garbage bags and dumpsters. What a horrible, prolonged way to die. If you don't believe this, then the next time you purchase "backyard eggs," ask the sellers where the male chickens are.

Male chicks born to egg-laying hens are considered non-profitable waste. Because roosters cannot lay eggs, they are useless to the egg industry. And because these egg-laying breeds do not grow as large as the Cornish birds who are used in the meat industry, the meat industry doesn’t want the egg industry’s male chicks—It isn’t profitable to use these chicks for meat.

That’s why on the day that they are born, the males babies are separated from the females, and then are slaughtered. They are either put on a conveyor belt and dropped into a macerator where they are ground up alive, or they are gassed to death with carbon monoxide, or sometimes they are just thrown into trash bags where they slowly suffocate, literally suffering to death. If you purchase eggs, you are paying the egg industry to kill these babies, millions of them every year. This is standard procedure in the egg industry.

If you think that this just can’t be true, then do your own research! Find out for yourself the horrible truth! Please think about these babies the next time you eat eggs or anything with eggs in it.

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