Killing Game: The Extinction Industry
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FROM Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today/Animal Emotions
October 2020

Award-winning author Eduardo Gonçalves shows killing for fun isn't conservation.

Killing Game
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"Trophy hunting is leading to the extinction of a number of species. Scientific studies have demonstrated the links between trophy hunting and population declines. Yet exports of hunting trophies continue to increase. The annual lion hunting quota is now equivalent to one third of the males that can be hunted. For the good of conservation, the days of the ‘great White Hunter’ should be brought to a close.”
–Jane Goodall

"If you are rich and white and you kill a rhino, you are a conservationist. If you are poor and black and you kill a rhino, you are a poacher."
–Chris Mercer, South African lawyer

In his latest book Killing Game: The Extinction Industry, award-winning author and Animal Hero Awards winner Eduardo Gonçalves shows killing for fun and profit–often called trophy or canned hunting–aren't conservation, but rather are putting some of the world’s most threatened species on a fast-track to extinction.

In another interview about his previous book Trophy Hunters Exposed: Inside the Big game Industry, Mr. Gonçalves highlighted his 2-year investigation into the trophy hunting industry, its donors, how it seeks to influence elections and government policies, and the rise of hunting groups calling themselves "conservation" organizations while trying to take away the few protections endangered wildlife still enjoy.

Killing Game is an excellent and fact-filled sequel to Trophy Hunters Exposed and here's what Mr. Gonçalves had to say about it....



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