Cockfighters Charged for Assault!
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February 2021

Ohio's wheels of justice have finally started turning against cockfighters who assaulted animal activists.

activist attacked

More than seven weeks after an attack on SHARK investigators by cockfighting thugs, serious charges have been filed. Attacker James V. Newcomb is charged with two counts of felonious assault, theft and obstruction, while attacker Shannon Clark is charged with one count of felonious assault, theft, and obstruction. If found guilty, Newcomb and Clark could be sentenced to years behind bars.

You may recall that SHARK president Steve Hindi suffered a head laceration that required six staples to close, as well as a broken rib and a back separation. The thugs stole and destroyed his drone and cameras, or at least, they thought they did. One camera remained, and that is what caught them.


Fortunately, Steve’s recovery is progressing, and he never stopped working. SHARK investigator Adam Fahnestock was repeatedly rammed by the same thugs, and his vehicle was wrecked in a ditch. His attack was also caught on camera.

We are very pleased that after seven weeks of pushing for charges, James Newcomb and Shannon Clark will face the charges they deserve.

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