Sabrina Rescued from being Tethered in Freezing Temperatures
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FROM IDA In Defense of Animals
May 2021

There is no excuse for failing to provide your animals with the necessities of life.

theatered Dog Sabrina

Sabrina was left tethered outside in freezing weather without proper shelter or access to water. Doll Stanley, In Defense of Animalsí Justice for Animals campaign director, arranged for her seizure, and pressed for animal cruelty charges under Mississippiís Dog and Cat Pet Protection Law of 2011 to be filed against her supposed Guardian.

You have helped to serve a measure of justice.

Please join us in applauding a court that has handed down a sentence fitting this crime.

Earlier this year, Mississippi Court Judge Larry Bamberg found the defendant Shirley Davidson guilty of animal cruelty. The judge chastised her for her egregious behavior, ordered her to pay $1,300 in fines and fees, told her not to keep a dog, and further said that if she ever violated animal cruelty laws again that she would be charged with a felony.

It is because of your dedicated support that Doll and my Justice for Animals team, again and again, rise to the occasion and demand that just laws protecting vulnerable and defenseless animals are enacted and enforced ó but we need your help today to keep up the pressure.

When Doll received a text containing a photo of a dog chained in freezing weather with only a metal vented air conditioner cover for shelter, just as you or I would, she wasted no time investigating the complaint.

Iím sure that you will agree; what she found that frigid day was heartbreaking. The sad dog whom we named 'Sabrina' was quaking in the freezing temperatures, lying on a piece of plastic, desperately trying to gain whatever warmth she could from the ground. She was surrounded by her own excrement and without water. Sabrina, a short-haired pit bull, didnít lift her head until she was approached and at first, seemed to be dead.

Doll provided Sabrina with water and an igloo dog house until the seizure order could be obtained and she could be given haven.

Dog Sabrina

"There is no excuse for failing to provide your animals with the necessities of life,"
ó Doll Stanley, In Defense of Animals, Justice for Animals Campaign Director. 

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