'Baby Hers': All Babies Belong With Their Mothers
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FROM Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today/Animal Emotions
August 2020

An interview with filmmaker Susan Rosenzweig on the hidden horrors of dairy - Baby Hers: a deeply moving story focusing on the ways in which these sentient 'milk machines' are unrelentingly abused.

Cow and Calf
Watch trailer HERE...

A mother's bond should never be broken...

"Sadly 99% of all of the food in the US currently comes from these types of industrial farms. It’s the product of unchecked greed and production–and is beyond cruel. It helps that major news media outlets are finally talking about what really goes on at factory farms and live markets...I do hope the film ["Baby Hers"] gives people the permission to ask themselves about their role in a food system that has gone way off the rails."
–Susan Rosenzweig

A few weeks ago I watched a riveting new film called "Baby Hers" by writer and award-winning filmmaker Susan Rosenzweig.

It reminded me of an interview I did with Olympic cyclist Dotsie Bausch about her views on the dairy industry. The trailer for "Baby Hers" can be seen here, and the website for the film can be seen here. Parts of "Baby Hers" left me speechless.

I've long been appalled at the brutal mistreatment of so-called "dairy animals" who are sentient and feeling beings, and I always ask people to think about who they're eating or who they're drinking, rather than what they're eating or what they're drinking. I've also often wondered what a fully sentient mother dairy cow would tell us about her children, so I was thrilled Susan could take the time to answer a few questions about a deeply moving story focusing on the ways in which these sentient "milk machines" are unrelentingly abused....

Cow Calf


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