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FROM Flip Grater - Mothers Against Dairy
October 2019

I would go so far as to say that the consumption of dairy products is entirely anti-motherhood.

Flip Grater

I am baffled that any lactating woman would choose to support the dairy industry. When one understands the hormones, the relationship, the science and the spirit of breastfeeding oneís child, how does someone willingly deprive another mother and child of that experience simply to sate a desire for cheese?

When youíre a mother, particularly when breastfeeding, how do you mentally disconnect from the reality of what cow milk is and who it is really intended for?

I would go so far as to say that the consumption of dairy products is entirely anti-motherhood. The dairy industry exploits and destroys the mother-child biological bond, and, after personally experiencing pregnancy and breastfeeding, I can honestly say that being kept pregnant, having my babies taken from me, and being hooked up to a milk pump every day is literally my idea of the worst kind of hell.

As women in the world, as people who can understand clearly what the modern dairy industry is and does, isnít it our responsibility to bring attention to this topic?

Is it not up to us Ė as the carers, as empathetic humans, as the lactating sex, and as the main shoppers in most households, to do everything we can personally do to stop this unnecessary cruelty? Even if that is through the very simple personal action of choosing plant milk at the supermarket.

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