The Foul Truth: 100% Harm Assured
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FROM Animal Justice Project /
July 2019

We carried out a three month undercover investigation into the lives of free-range and so-called 'high welfare' chickens reared for food to shine a light on the reality for slower growing breeds....Whether factory-farmed, free-range or organic, we can guarantee it is 100% HARM ASSURED.


lame Chick

Our investigators visited free-range, so-called 'high welfare' and RSPCA Assured broiler chicken farms in the United Kingdom. Our findings reveal The Foul Truth about this industry. Whether factory-farmed, free-range or organic, we can guarantee it is 100% HARM ASSURED.

As featured in the Daily Mail, Mirror, Independent and the Norfolk Evening News, Animal Justice Project has carried out a groundbreaking three-month investigation as part of our newly launched The Foul Truth campaign revealing abuse, negligence, and suffering at free-range and so-called ‘high welfare’ broiler chicken farms stamped by the RSPCA and Red Tractor. By DONATING TODAY you can directly fund investigations like this!

lame Chick

dying Chick

The abuses uncovered on these farms are a chilling reminder than you cannot trust the RSPCA, Red Tractor or supermarkets when it comes to animal welfare!

In never-seen-before footage, our investigators filmed the catching of RSPCA-Assured free-range chickens for slaughter. In horrifying scenes, workers threw and rammed birds into crates so hard, the impact pushed them out the tops and injuries causing potentially severe injuries. Grabbing multiple birds in each hand - completely flouting the RSPCA's own guidelines - workers yelled and cursed at terrified birds.

inhumane warehouse

The Daily Mail broke our story exposing the abuse of chickens across the farms - a complete lack of natural light, workers breaking the necks of birds then throwing them on the floor to convulse and flap off, dead bodies littering the shed floors, baby chicks being thrown, kicked and trod on, birds being left for DAYS to suffer, useless "welfare checks", and an outside range that was nothing like you'd expect from a 'free-range' farm.

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