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May 2021

I spend my day waging battles for other moms out there - the ones like me that feel they should have a right to give their kid what they feel is healthiest for them.

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I was wrestling with my son this morning, trying to get him to wear his dino sneakers because his pink ones are getting so worn out. He wears them EVERY DAY. Then it was which water bottle to bring to school and what jacket to put on before climbing into his car seat. I welcome these little inconvenient battles where my son is asserting who he is and learning his place in the world.

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Other battles arenít so welcome. When I drop him off at school, I have to wage a battle about why I choose to provide him with soy milk and not cowís milk. As a mother, I want whatís best for him. I want something that was created for his consumption. Iím not comfortable with him ingesting something that feels stolen from another little one, whose mother made it for her baby. Needing to provide a doctorís note, explaining that my son wonít be taking the cowís milk (and the myriad of hormones that come with it) at school is preposterous. Thatís why after I drive home from dropping him off, I spend my day waging battles for other moms out there. The ones like me that feel they should have a right to give their kid what they feel is healthiest for them and the voiceless mothers whose milk was stolen from their babies to feed ours. I need your help in that fight.

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At Switch4Good, weíre working tirelessly to spread the message that not only do alternatives exist, but they are kinder, healthier and more beneficial to the planet than cowís milk. And donít get me started on the food justice issues surrounding dairy. I want all kids in school to have this choice and not be force fed the governmentally subsidized option that theyíre led to believe is whatís best for them by constant dairy industry advertising.

This is an issue that is too urgent to wait.

Iím impatient by nature, which hasnít always served me. Iíve stirred many pots at family gatherings, at friendly game nights and at neighborhood parks directed at unsuspecting parents. But Iím damn grateful for my impatience here at Switch4Good. Because our kidsí health isnít something we should EVER be passive about. If thereís one thing we are tasked with as moms and dads, itís feeding our children (and making sure they donít crack their heads open while two things).

Please join me in waging these battles for all our children. My fabulously passionate and impatient team is working hard to make meaningful change. But that work doesnít happen in a vacuum. Your generosity is the ONLY way to make these victories possible. On behalf of my child and yours, thank you for making a difference.

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