How the Global Food System Failed the World’s Farmers: Why Vegans Should Care
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FROM Nivi Jaswal, MVLCE, with Julie Wayne and Madhavi Kolte,
March 2021

Exposing how the
Cult of Colossal imperiled American agriculture...

Main Street Vegan

China, India, the United States, and Brazil are the world’s largest food producers. While the United States is noted for high productivity and efficiency (factory farms), India ranks lowest in productivity, despite 600 million farmers (small holders), equal to twice the total population of the United States.

Julie Wayne was a carnist environmental activist before being deeply influenced by Dr. Tuttle’s World Peace Diet. She and Madhavi Kolte co-founded Jeeva Bhava, a farmer-transition NGO in India. Madhavi gave up meat when she saw a lamb slaughtered, but still consumed dairy to avoid social conflict. She went vegan once connecting the dots between food, food systems, and farmer oppression.

Fantasy of the Family Farm

In the national imagination, the American family farm still exists as it does on holiday greeting cards. But this has been declining for generations due to a trade war, severe weather due to climate change, tanking commodity prices related to globalization, political polarization, and corporate farming. Farms are no longer defined by a silo and a red barn, but by technology and efficiencies of scale. It is one of the worst crises in decades. Farm bankruptcies increased 12% in the Midwest and 50% in the Northwest in 2019. Thousands have simply stopped farming, knowing that bankruptcy reorganization would not save them. More than 100,000 farms were lost between 2011 and 2018, and farmer suicides peaked....



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