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FROM David Jack James
May 2, 2020 Facebook post

If viruses, bacteria, and parasites could tell us about their ideal environments, they would describe the conditions of the facilities and marketplaces of the animal agriculture industries.


I accepted years ago that most human beings simply donít care about the pain and suffering that animals endure for their taste pleasure. Iíve been begging people for years to stop this violent insanity. But now, are they really too selfish and willfully ignorant to accept that the reason we are experiencing this deadly coronavirus pandemic is because of humanityís disgusting desire to consume flesh, veins, muscles, tendons, and bodily secretions (dairy and eggs) of suffering animals who were exploited and slaughtered?

Even with the irrefutable fact that COVID-19 (and many more pandemic and endemic viral diseases that have plagued us) are of zoonotic origin, which means they started in animals and jumped to humans, this voracious desire to consume tortured and slaughtered still dominant, so much so that in the United States, the animal agriculture industry has been declared essential, and slaughterhouses and processing plants are mandated to keep operating at full capacity, endangering the lives of the humans who work in that industry.

Seriously, how dumb, deranged, and depraved are we as a species? If viruses, bacteria, and parasites could tell us about their ideal environments, they would describe the conditions of the facilities and marketplaces of the animal agriculture industry. How many more deadly pathogens caused by animal agriculture do we need before humans wake up?

There is no nutritional or biological requirement for humans to consume animals or their bodily secretions. The millions of healthy vegans around the world are proof of that, as is the abundance of peer-reviewed, evidence-based research and scientific studies about a plant-based diet. We even have many athletes and bodybuilders who tell us that a plant-based diet enhances their performance: Many report that being solely powered by plants enhances their overall health, increases their rate of recovery during and after training sessions and workouts, decreases inflammation, and makes them more powerful than ever before.

And then there's climate change. Animal agriculture is a primary cause of climate change and the leading contributor to global greenhouse gassesómore than the entire worldwide transportation sector combined.

Furthermore, every single day it gets easier to live vegan! Plant-based products and services are more widely available and more easily accessible than ever before! There are many affordable, delicious, and healthy plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy, and eggs that taste exactly the same! You wonít be able to tell the difference. But you donít care about that... you donít care about the suffering animals, or your own health, or the employees who work in the animal agriculture industry, or the availability of plant-based alternatives, or what the scientists and athletes report, or climate change, or any of the other reasons to stop supporting animal agriculture, such as deforestation (clearing land and destroying forests to grow food for farmed animals, which not only lessens the amount of carbon that can be stored, but also releases carbon dioxide into the air when trees die); habitat destruction (due to deforestation); species extinction (destroying wild animals that lose their habitats because of deforestation); air pollution; water wastage and water pollution (due to animal feces runoff); topsoil erosion (the removal of the fertile top layer of soil faster than the soil forming processes can replace it, due to overgrazing, over-cultivation, forest clearing, etc.); desertification (fertile land becoming desert due to topsoil erosion and depletion of plant life); antibiotic resistance (80% of antibiotics are fed to animals, causing bacteria and other microorganisms to resist the effects of antibiotics that they were once defenseless against); ocean dead zones (areas in the worldís oceans that donít have enough oxygen to support marine life in bottom and near-bottom water); and worldwide human hunger and starvation (grain grown in poor countries is shipped to rich countries to feed their animals rather than used to feed starving humans)...

I understand that you donít care about any of that, but DO YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR OWN LIFE?! OR THE LIVES OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS?! The fleeting taste sensations of flesh and bodily secretions are more important to you than anything else? Seriously?!!

I was really hoping that people would finally get it. But apparently not. Humanity deserves this.

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