Inside the Industrial Turkey Machine
A Meat and Dairy Industries Article from

October 2020

[Shared with permission from We Animals Media, please see original story and downloadable images here. Video and images by Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals Media]

656,309,000 turkeys were slaughtered worldwide in 2018...Conditions at a Canadian turkey 'farm' exposes a nightmarish way to exist for any living being...

Canadian Turkey farm
A member of a crew of investigators and filmmakers documents the animals and conditions inside a turkey factory farm.

A few weeks ago I visited one of Canadaís 523 regulated turkey farms. Despite the current global pandemic, Iím staying carefully mobile in my own country with investigative work.

In 2019, Canadians ate 6.3 million whole turkeys. We also know that Canadians waste an astounding 40% of our food. In 2019, U.S. consumption of turkey was 5.3 billion pounds. And this number floors me: 656,309,000 turkeys were slaughtered worldwide in 2018.

Iíve met rescued turkeys and I absolutely revel in their curious and funny natures. They come running to you for company. They like to talk at you Ė a lot. If only we knew precisely what they were saying! We do know they have easily distinctive and understood calls: the gobble, the spit and drum, the cackle, the warning yelp, the purr.

My favourite interactions with turkeys are when they let me stroke the feathers on their abdomen and under their wings. They love it, and start to preen themselves with pleasure.

panting Turkeys
It is particularly hot in this building which houses thousands of turkeys. As a result, the turkeys pant and some drool.

Turkeys in dumpster
An investigator illuminates a dumpster filled with eggs and dead turkeys at a turkey factory farm.



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