Locals Want to End Animal Slaughter in Their Hood
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FROM Dani Rukin, JaneUnchained.com
February 2020

Slaughter Free NYC, powered by Animal Save Movement, contends that “live markets” are just another name for slaughterhouses.

local slaughterhouse protested

What’s happening at this live market is happening all over the world. Some neighbors of this live animal market joined Slaughter Free NYC and the Animal Save Movement to say they don’t want to have chickens, turkeys and rabbits killed for food in the vicinity of their homes. Slaughter Free NYC, powered by Animal Save Movement, contends that “live markets” are just another name for slaughterhouses. They argue that these facilities are not appropriate for neighborhoods where families live.

Slaughter Free NYC says these businesses disproportionately impact lower income neighborhoods, noting there are no slaughterhouses on Park Avenue!

Protesters argued that these animals come from factory farms and suffer during transport, while stacked in cages and during slaughter. Activists say local residents have a right to know the truth about animal agriculture so that they can make informed decisions. We invite the live market reps on any time to respond to the protesters’ complaints.

live animal market

Again, this situation is not unique to any particular live market. NYC Senate bill S7345, a mandate unanimously passed, which prohibits the licensing of new slaughterhouses within 1,500 feet of residences, resulted in the closing of a different slaughterhouse situated in a dense neighborhood. According to Slaughter Free NYC organizer Jill Carnegie, “Residents complained regularly about the odor that emanated from the markets, odor that became virtually intolerable during the hot summer months. Often markets failed to properly dispense of animal entrails…floating feathers clogged sewer drains and air condition/heating ducts and presented asthma, allergy, and respiratory hazards…”

0local slaughterhouse protested

Senate bill S7345 states, “It is the public policy of the city that every person is entitled to air that is not detrimental to life, health, and enjoyment of his or her property…..The continued citing of live poultry markets in the midst of often dense, urban, and often residential areas has been found to jeopardize both residential and commercial property values….Markets that profit in the on-site slaughter of animals have had a significantly negative impact on residential and retail communities...”

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