Coronavirus is a Message from Nature! What is She Saying?
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FROM Ellen Dent,
March 2020

There needs to be wide-spread mainstream coverage of how these viruses are linked to the food system, specifically meat consumption.

flatten the curve

Coronavirus: the big picture! Nature is telling us that our system of exploiting animals for food must end! Dr Sailesh Rao, systems analyst, founder of Climate Healers and star of Countdown to Year Zero on Amazon Prime, gives us the big picture! In the above video, he explains nature’s message to us all: stop eating animals and over-consuming. Please get this to anyone you know in the news media, which has steadfastly refused to discuss the source of this virus: a meat market! Yes, it was a live meat market in China. But, there are thousands of live meat markets in the U.S. too. At least 85 of them are in New York City alone!

COVID-19 cases
As the above chart shows, with COVID-19, most cases are mild. But, with the pandemic impacting so many people, that can still mean huge numbers of serious illnesses and deaths.

Will our society come out of its coronavirus cocoon as a more evolved human species? Dr. Rao uses the powerful comparison of a butterfly emerging from a cocoon as he reflects on the opportunity our currently cocooned society has. Will we use this time in isolation to think about this coronavirus crisis and take in the lessons it offers? Will people listen to nature’s message and actually emerge from this crisis with new behaviors, especially around food consumption? COVID-19, and the viruses preceding it, show us that we can no longer eat animals with impunity. Dr. Rao explains that we cannot continue to exhaust the earth’s resources and kill billions of animals unnecessarily without getting some serious blowback from the natural world. This is “nature’s revenge.” That is the phrase used by an expert in zoonotic diseases who’d been warning governments for years about the dangers of so-called “wet” markets, which are cesspools of feces, blood, guts, bone and disease. “Wet market” is just a synonym for meat market or local slaughterhouse. We are already speeding towards Year Zero, which will mark a climate change collapse. Add to that crisis, this new coronavirus calamity. The combination has hit the accelerator which could propel us to the demise of our species!

pre-existing conditions
Dr. Rao points out that the same ailments that make people susceptible to succumb to COVID-19 can all be avoided and/or treated with a plant-based diet.

Dr. Rao explains that what we need is a metamorphosis of our species. To make the changes necessary, for our survival and the survival of every other living being on this planet, we humans must evolve beyond constant killing. This virus is “forcing us to listen,” and “if you don’t listen you will die,” Dr. Rao exclaims.

COVID-19 media coverage
The amount of media coverage for COVID-19 is leaps and bounds higher than the other pandemics of the past but most outlets are not talking about the source and ultimate solution to prevent the next superbug outbreak.

Jane explains that she personally spent three hours writing a press release about this issue, and she was censored immediately when she tried to release it. She compares the lack of coverage in the mainstream media about the source of the virus to prosecuting a criminal case without ever identifying the suspect. There needs to be wide-spread mainstream coverage of how these viruses are linked to the food system, specifically meat consumption. We need to give people the information they need in order to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle! One day, we as a society will spread our beautiful butterfly wings and evolve to the next step on the evolutionary ladder.

“We cannot go back to being caterpillars again.”- Dr. Sailesh Rao

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