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The Spiked Nose Ring: The Cruelest of the Cruel

FROM David Jack James
June 7, 2023 Facebook post

The reason they insert these cruel devices into a calfís nose is so that the spikes will poke the mother cow when a calf tries to suckle on her udders. The mother rejects the calf because of the spikes.... Why would the dairy industry inflict this cruelty on babies and mothers? So that they can say ("truthfully"...) that they DON'T separate babies from their mothers.

Calf nose rings

The spiked nose ring is a standard device used by dairy farmers (on small dairy farms too). The ring has sharp spikes protruding outward. Farmers insert the spiked nose ring into a calfís nose so that the spikes will poke the mother cow when the calf tries to suckle on her udders. The mother rejects her own baby because of the painful spikes. Dairy farmers use these cruel devices so that they can (truthfully) say that they donít separate babies from mothers. They arenít separated, but they canít nurse or bond.

Imagine the torture of babies trying to nurse from their mothers, and being unable to do so because of this device, all so that bovine mammary secretions (actual baby growth formula) can be stolen for humans to consume.

The choice to support the dairy industry is a conscious decision to harm, exploit, and kill animals. Going vegan is simply about choosing peace and compassion, instead of suffering and violence. Please say NO to dairy!

There are many cruelty-free delicious and healthy alternatives to dairy products! There is a wide variety of plant milks available everywhere: soy, almond, coconut, oat, hemp, spelt, rice, pea, pistachio, walnut, macadamia, flax, banana, cashew, hazelnut, quinoa, sesame, and more. There are many vegan alternatives to butter that are made from coconut oil, sunflower oil, and other ingredients such as cashews and avocados. Vegan cheese is all the rage now! There are dozens of brands of 100% plant-based cheese made from cashews, almonds, soybeans, peas, arrowroot, macadamias, pistachios, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, nutritional yeast, tapioca, rice, or potatoes. There are even vegan alternatives for cream cheese, mayonnaise, yogurt, salad dressing, creamers, chocolate, and ice cream! You just have to make the effort to find these products.

You will find hundreds of delicious and healthy vegan alternatives to dairy products in the 66-page TOTALLY AWESOME GUIDE TO THE VEGAN DIET AND PHILOSOPHY. For all of these vegan products, websites are provided. Many of these companies will ship directly to you, or you may order these products from online shopping platforms. And you may always ask for these brands and products at your local grocery stores and restaurants. You will find store locators on many of these websites, to let you know where to find these products locally.

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