Ontario pig farm cruelties exposed on hidden camera - STOP Ag Gag Laws
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FROM Animal Justice / Stop Ag Gag Laws
November 2020

Animal Justice has filed an animal cruelty complaint, and provincial inspectors are investigating the serious abuse and neglect we uncovered.

Pig prolapsed
Prolapsed pig not given any veterinary care...

Hidden-camera footage is one of the only ways to uncover secret animal abuse on farms. But Ontario and other provinces are passing “ag gag” laws that make it ILLEGAL to go undercover to expose cruelty on farms. Tragically, it will soon be illegal to do a hidden-camera investigation in Ontario.

TAKE ACTION HERE to tell Governments to reject Ag Gag Laws

Animal Justice just released shocking hidden-camera footage of abuse and neglect at a pig breeding farm in Putnam, Ontario. Visit THIS PAGE for photos and video.

This will likely be the last legal exposé of a factory farm in Ontario. Soon, so-called “ag gag” laws will be in effect—which make it illegal to go undercover to document animal suffering at farms, slaughterhouses, and transport.

For six weeks, an Animal Justice whistleblower worked at Paragon Farms, documenting some of the heartbreaking animal cruelty that was rampant behind the closed doors of this pig breeding farm.

Life for pigs is hell on factory pig farms. Our investigator saw:

  • Workers aggressively hitting and kicking animals, jabbing them with pens, and beating them with paddles
  • Mother pigs caged in barren crates so small that they couldn’t turn around, with many suffering from painful injuries like prolapses
  • Baby piglets having their tails and testes sliced off without any pain relief
  • Live piglets amongst their dead and decomposing siblings
  • Filthy conditions, including mould, manure, maggots, and filth

castrating Piglet
Baby piglets having their tails and testes sliced off without any pain relief...

Unfortunately, hidden cruelty is commonplace at farms and slaughterhouses, and in every sector. Dozens of undercover exposés in Canada have exposed sickening mistreatment of animals, often leading to prosecutions and convictions for unlawful animal abuse.

But instead of bringing in laws to protect farmed animals, provincial governments are passing laws to help the meat industry cover up the cruelty. Ag gag laws passed in Ontario and Alberta outlaw undercover exposés, putting animals, public health, and worker safety at risk. The meat industry is lobbying for dangerous ag gag laws across the country, and Manitoba and Quebec are considering passing them, too.

We can’t allow this torture to continue. Animal Justice lawyers will challenge ag gag laws in court, and we’ll fight to make sure that people are able to learn the truth about hidden abuse on farms.

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