How to Contact Governor Inslee and WDFW to Help Protect Wolves
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September 2020

There are about a million cows and 145 Wolves in Washington State...

Governor Inslee's September 4th letter calling to 'rework' Washington state's wolf-killing policies is a start [See Washington's Governor Inslee Orders Rework of Washington’s Wolf-killing Policies]

But there needs to be more action NOW to prevent the further killing of Wolves at the behest of cattle ranchers.

You do not have to be a Washington resident to comment, as most of the killings are happening on federal lands, our lands.


Governor Jay Inslee Online Contact Form
Call (360) 902-4111


Dear Governor Inslee,

I applaud your letter of Sept. 4, 2020 to the WDFW Commission Chair, directing WDFW to initate a new rulemaking that prioritizes nonlethal management of endangered wolves prior to next year's grazing season. Your use of your authority and influence to stop Washington's unjustified slaughter of wolves is greatly appreciated.

As you know, 34 wolves have been killed to date in Washington for ranchers who refuse to adequately protect their livestock and/or who insist on grazing them in unsuitable, indefensible locations. Currently, kill orders remain in effect on members of the Leadpoint and Togo Packs. Those kill orders need to be stopped, as WDFW has repeatedly shown their wolf-killing is unjustified and counter-productive. It ignores the best available science, wolves' basic nature, and their invaluable role in our ecosystems. It also ignores that killing wolves ultimately only increases attacks on livestock.

Wolves cause less than one percent of cattle deaths and should not be killed to "protect" cows and private profits, especially on our pristine public lands, which are damaged by livestock grazing. Please do every additional thing you can to ensure that wolves can live in peace on our landscape to maintain nature's balance.

Thank you very much.

If enough of us speak out, putting even further pressure on Governor Jay Inslee and the Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), we can put an end to the insane, wrongful and counter-productive war waged on wolves in Washington State.

As of Sept. 4, 2020, less than a week since we began a Seattle Times ad campaign that appeared to unleash a torrent of calls and emails, Gov. Inslee has asked WDFW to prioritize nonlethal management of wolves. However, the situation is a little complex.

Seattle Times ad

Inslee directed the WDFW Commission Chair to initiate a new rule-making process to achieve nonlethal management outcomes. We applaud the letter Inslee sent, but must emphasize it is ultimately only an ASK. He cannot legally MANDATE that WDFW adopt specific policies. A majority of the Commisioners must vote to do so and intense public pressure will be imperative.

What Inslee asked for is also in the future--policy changes before the next grazing season in 2021. Read Inslee's letter But much more needs to happen NOW.

Let's ramp up the pressure to get WDFW to stop the current hunt on members of the Leadpoint and Togo packs and maintain pressure so they full adopt the nonlethal policies the governor is recommending. Let's do this in honor of all Washington wolves killed to date! 

A List in Honor of All Wolves Killed in Washington to Date

As of Aug. 30, 2020, the following wolves have been unjustly and unnecessarily killed in Washington State to protect cows. Eighty five percent of the killings have been for the benefit of one rancher, who openly expresses a desire to see wolves eliminated.

2012 – 7 Wedge Pack wolves

2014 – 1 Huckleberry Pack wolf

2016 – 7 Profanity Peak Pack wolves (end of pack)

2017 – 1 Sherman Pack wolf & 2 Smackout Pack wolves

2018 – 2 Old Profanity Territory Pack wolves, 1 Smackout Pack wolf & 1 Togo Pack wolf

2019 – 8 Old Profanity Territory Pack wolves (end of pack) & 1 Grouse Flat Pack wolf

2020 - 3 Wedge Pack wolves (end of pack)

...and the hunt continues for members of the Leadpoint and Togo Packs.

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