Look at These Cute Babies
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FROM David Jack James
June 2020 Facebook post

Vegetarians need to understand that the dairy industry is the meat industry. They are inextricably linked because they profit from one another.

baby Calves

Sadly, these sweet boys all went to the slaughterhouse. They were born to dairy cows, and since males can't produce milk, the dairy farmers dragged them away from their mothers and sold them to the meat industry. IF YOU PURCHASE DAIRY PRODUCTS, THEN YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KILLING THESE BABIES.

Will you please think about what you support when you purchase anything with cow milk in it? Will you please make ethical, compassionate, and rational choices that are consistent with who you really are?

Cows (and all animals exploited for human food) are emotional beings, capable of love, affection, and a wide range of emotions. They are sentient individuals with central nervous systems and full subjective awareness. They seek attention and affection, bond with other animals, care about their babies, feel emotions, can experience pain and suffering, and want to live—just like you and your dogs, cats, and other companion animals.


Like all mammals, cows must have been pregnant to produce milk. Milk is lactating secretion produced by the mammary glands of mammals who have given birth. Cow milk is specifically designed as the primary source of nutrition and growth hormones for baby cows. The purpose of cow milk is to turn a 65 pound calf into a 700 pound adult cow. The baby cows who need that milk are cruelly taken away from their mothers. The male calves are either killed immediately after being born, or they are shackled inside crates all alone, and later slaughtered for veal. The female calves are destined to become tortured milking machines themselves, forcibly impregnated over and over again for years, to keep the milk flowing for the dairy industry. Every time they give birth, their babies are taken away. Eventually, their worn-out bodies stop producing milk at a profitable rate for the farmers, and they are sent to slaughter.

Dairy farmers, the animal agriculture industry, the media, the government, and even the healthcare industry have successfully used propaganda and lies to convince most humans that stealing and consuming bovine mammary secretions is healthy, necessary, natural, and completely normal behavior—because there is money to be made by exploiting, torturing, and killing cows. Yes, it’s all about MONEY.

Cows are the gentle giants of the world. They are sweet and docile, and they and have no instinct to harm, which is why they are easily exploited. A measure of human morality is how we treat the innocent and helpless. All sentient beings have the right to experience the nurturing love of their mothers, and to live free from exploitation, harm, and slaughter by humans—because humans have the ability to behave morally, to think rationally, and to live happy and healthy lives without consuming animals or their bodily secretions.

There are now cruelty-free, delicious, healthy plant-based alternatives to dairy products that are abundantly available. Here are some companies that make plant-based alternatives to dairy products. Go to the websites for more information. Many of them will ship directly to you, and you may always ask for these brands and products at your local grocery stores and restaurants. You will find store locators on many of these websites, to let you know where to find these products locally.


(Please note that many popular ice cream brands now have dairy-free varieties: Baskin-Robbins, Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, and Häagen-Dazs. Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s brands have dairy-free products as well.)


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