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FROM Julie Nagel, VeganFTA
October 2020

Sigri was separated from her mother, far too young to survive on her own. She was liberated from the industrial pig unit, and when her rescuers arrived they found the little piglet in a fragile state.

Piglet Sigri
Sigri when first liberated, only a few days old...

Whether you have a child or not, just imagine infants no more than a week old—delicate and dependent on their mothers. Most human babies are brought into a world that showers them with tender love and care; however, that simply is not the case for Sigri and the countless other pigs born within the industrial prison gates of the pork industry.

Sigri was less than a week old when she was separated from her mother—far too young for any baby to bear. Luckily for Sigri, she was liberated from the industrial pig unit, and when her rescuers arrived they found the little piglet in a fragile state.

Sigri, although her spirit strong, was the weakest of her litter and suffered from a terribly infected umbilical cord. Those who liberated Sigri kept her under their care for a couple of weeks, giving her around-the-clock attention and feeding her milk replaced every few hours, all while rotating shifts to stay by her side.

The selfless individuals at Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary then swooped in to take little Sigri to her forever home. The weather conditions outside at the time were far too cold for a little piglet like Sigri, so her caregivers Matthew and Wenda brought her inside their home to keep her warm.

Soon after, she began to find comfort with her new human (and animal) family. On those cold nights, she looked for warmth and affection by cuddling up alongside her new surrogate mom Wenda. Resembling any other infant, Sigri would awaken Wenda when it was time for a feeding.

Sigri snuggling
Sigri snuggling with human and lamb friends...

Her makeshift bathroom was an incontinence sheet in a cat litter tray, and she would climb out of bed if she wanted to go before coming back to her favorite place—snuggling tightly against Wenda’s stomach and heart. Within weeks of her arrival, “Sigri had created her own routine and we simply followed on behind, allowing her to show us what she wanted and needed.”

Pig Sigri
Sigri at eight months...

Fast forward eight months, and Sigri’s personality has truly began to shine through! According to her family, Sigri adores being the center of everyone’s attention and appreciates being spoken to… in fact she can comprehend at least 10 words! She has evolved into quite a social lady and bosses around her two lamb buddies—Freya and Twiglet.

Piglet and Lambs
Sigri with her lamb friends, Freya and Twiglet...

She has a reputation for being quite flirtatious with the boys, but at the end of the day she knows where to find her true source happiness—bedtime snuggles with Wenda. The queen typically claims the bed while her loyal subjects Freya and Twigley sleep together on a blanket.

Sigri knows what lazy Sundays mean and opts to stay in bed while the lambs are ready and raring to go outside. When she’s not demanding cuddles or enjoying the simple delights of some of her favorite fruits (particularly strawberries) Sirgi is off exploring and playing with her bright yellow ball.

Like all of our pig friends, Sigri is a highly intelligent gal with a heightened sense of empathy. When Wenda suffered from broken ribs earlier in the year, Sigri, rather than sleeping in her usual spot on Wenda’s front side, adapted to Wenda’s injury by snuggling against her back. When Wenda’s ribs eventually healed, Sirgi reverted back to sleeping in her usual place.

“We are simply the servants and blessed to be able to care for her. She is the star because she has been allowed to show character and develop personality, without fear.”

“We always tell visitors that Sigri is not any different to pigs who are slaughtered every day. The only difference is that she has never known fear and is kept in an environment of love so she grew free and so became the piglet she is today.” 

Julie Nagel is a pediatric speech pathologist turned animal/environmental activist on a mission to give the animals, and the natural world, a voice through her words. She believes that spreading education and awareness of the horrors inflicted upon animals and wildlife around the world is the key to unlocking the world’s compassion—as that was the key to unleashing her’s. She took to the path of environmental activism to ensure that both the children that she helps & the animals that she saves have a sustainable future. From the United States, she and her incredible husband Justin are newlyweds that embarked on the vegan journey together. In their down time they enjoy traveling, hiking, mastering vegan cuisine, and dabbling into their artistic sides. They’re currently on the move to their next adventure in Colorado where there are more opportunities in advocating for wildlife.

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