Activists Risk Arrest to Save Tule Elk Dying of Thirst
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December 2020

At least 18 Tule Elk died during a drought earlier this year because of a fence for private dairy ranching that prevents the Elk from reaching seasonal water sources.

Watch HERE to see the activists trying to save Tule Elk from dying of thirst.

TAKE ACTION: Say No to Gunning Down of Rare Tule Elk by National Park Service

Tule Elk
An eight-foot fence stops the Elk from reaching water sources.

Twenty dedicated activists recently risked arrest to deliver desperately needed drinking water to the Tule elk reserve at Point Reyes National Seashore in California, where at least 18 animals died during a drought earlier this year because of a fence for private ranching that prevents them from reaching seasonal water sources.

Tule Elk
Activists had carried hundreds of gallons of water, filled two troughs for the Elk. The next morning the activists found that the troughs had been emptied out and removed...

Tule Elk
Another Tule Elk who died of thirst...

Defying National Park Service (NPS) orders, the wildlife protectors hauled 150 gallons of water into the reserve in the middle of the night. Activists had tried to bring drinking troughs to the area previously, but the NPS removed them, leaving the activists no choice but to embark on a clandestine operation to ensure the elks’ wellbeing.

Tule Elk
The Park Service plans to shoot the free-roaming Elk...

Tule Elk
The eight-foot fence has broken up families...

“The actions of the National Park Service speak loud and clear: private ranching business is favored over public opinion and the lives of native wild animals at Point Reyes National Seashore,” Fleur Dawes of In Defense of Animals said in a press release.

“Removing water from thirsty and dying rare Tule elk is despicable.”

The harrowing operation to bring these innocent animals some relief was captured on the video above. Meanwhile, activists are fighting to have the reserve’s life-threatening enclosure removed and to stop officials from supporting a plan to slaughter the area’s elk.

Tule Elk
The eight-foot fence has broken up families...

dairy Cows

Lady Freethinker applauds the efforts of these brave activists and stands in solidarity with their call to stop the proposed slaughter of defenseless Tule elk.

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