Universities Accountable for COVID-19 Pandemic
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FROM David Cantor, RPA Responsible Policies for Animals
April 2020

Responsible Policies for Animals

Landgrant colleges and universities have chosen the meat delusion over human health and the wellbeing of other animals and the living world.

I hope that you and everyone you know remain safe and healthy in these times made especially dangerous by the meat delusion and the institutions that promote it.

RPA’s longest-running campaign for equal rights of all animals is the 10,000 Years Is Enough campaign. RPA demands that our massive network of agriculture colleges, at our land-grant universities (LGUs), stop providing billions of dollars’ worth of public relations, propaganda, sales, lobbying, training, and experimentation for the meat, dairy, fish, and egg industries.

[For more, read: The "Animal Science" problem At a Glance. Land Grant Universities (LGU's) are also referred to as Land Grant Colleges or Land Grant Institutions. They receive funding that supports "animal science" which means agribusiness.]

Our LGUs’ misnamed “animal science” programs – “poultry science,” “dairy science,” and so forth – are the most powerful engines of the meat delusion – false and harmful beliefs that eating from animals is natural and healthful, that products from nonhuman animals can be provided humanely, and that eating from other animals can be ecologically sound.

RPA sent THIS EMAIL (PDF) to heads of the main LGUs of all 50 states, holding their institutions responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic – and other waves of major diseases – because they stonewalled RPA’s 10,000 Years Is Enough campaign, failing to put public health above the meat delusion and the ongoing bloodbath our LGUs promote.

Many thanks to all who have donated to RPA recently, making possible many crucial COVID-19 communiques and so much more that is crucial to eliminating animal-abuse culture and making possible equal rights of all animals.

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