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�are no doubt among the most influential animals humanity has ever encountered in our history, the bear is found in everything from our language, culture, psyche, pop culture, beliefs, ancient lore and mythology, religion, advertising, literature and common names. Though a symbol of the wild, they are found in all facets of our civilization, from our children�s books to billboards to cereal boxes. The bear is almost an essential part of human existence. Just as our ancestors revered them as the symbol of loving mothers, immense power and even death and rebirth, we too can do little to avoid noticing the mark they have left in our modern world.

To humans They are both the monsters of nightmares and the cuddly friends of childhood dreams. They are heroes and victims. They are wise and ferocious. They are compassionate yet mighty. They are Goddesses, Saints, mothers, daughters, elders, teachers, and sadly, �sporting� game, too often gunned down for lucrative poaching and ego-feeding trophies. They are a symbol of all that man hates and fears, and all that man adores and reveres.

And sadly, today, they are also symbol of modern society's inability to co-exist with our native Terran kin and of the devastation that man has brought to God�s wondrous natural creation on Earth.

The great bear, an archetypal symbol of the might and majesty of wild unspoiled nature, is now a threatened refugee of modern man�s sprawling �civilization� and victim of his cruelty. Like so many other rare and incredible wild creatures, it seems as if there soon may be no place left on earth for bears to live and thrive in peace as God meant for them to.

But there is still hope. Bears can still be saved.

If we can learn to co-exist with bears, and are willing to allow them a place on this Earth to share with us, then we may also be blessed with a great discovery, as we find a place in our hearts for them as well.

If we can rekindle our ancient kinship with the bear, then we can as well with all life, and rediscover our place in God�s diverse family.

And we will all be blessed the more for it.

The Bear kinship foundation is dedicated to renewing this kinship with bears and with all life on Earth.

OUR MISSION is a non-profit organization whose goal is to change the reputation of bears and create a world where we can not only conserve bears and co-exist with them peacefully, but appreciate and respect them and their basic individual rights to live healthy, happy lives free of fear and anguish from human-inflicted suffering, and as well enrich our own existence by truly appreciating and benefiting from sharing a healthy, whole Earth with these magnificent animals. 


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