I Will Abolish the Bow: Christianity, Personhood, and the End of Animal Exploitation By Matthew A. King
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Author: Matthew A. King

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Publisher: WIPF and Stock Publishers

Matthew A. King
I Will Abolish the Bow: Christianity, Personhood, and the End of Animal Exploitation

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“Kudos to Matthew King, who presents a novel Christian perspective on animal rights that he calls New Earth Abolition. His thoughtful analyses will certainly broaden and deepen discussions regarding Christianity's duties to animals.”
—Stephen R. Kaufman, author of Guided by the Faith of Christ: Seeking to Stop Violence and Scapegoating

“In I Will Abolish the Bow, Matthew King presents his, and we believe God’s, position for New Earth Abolition, or the elimination of all animal exploitation. This return to the conditions God created in Eden is discussed by looking at many biblical passages in an extremely well-documented manner that all Christians should read, even if they don’t agree with all his theology. This is a must-read for everyone.”
—Frank L. Hoffman, pastor at All-creatures.org

“Whether you have been a vegan for years or for five minutes, I Will Abolish the Bow offers profound wisdom on the purpose of animals and the moral failure of Christianity. King not only leads you on a journey of discovery encompassing animal rights, but he answers valuable questions on the life of Jesus and the Bible and helps guide you on how to be an advocate for animals. This book is a tool that every person should have in their library.”
—Faye Stiles, The Snippet Lady

“This book challenges how Christians interpret the value of God’s animal creatures among the community of creation. By inviting us to view animal creatures as individuals inhabited by the breath of God, we are also drawn to examine how our actions align—or not—with our faith.”
—Sarah Withrow King, author of Animals Are Not Ours

About the Author:

Matthew A. King is the president and cofounder of the Christian Animal Rights Association that will be the recipient of all proceeds from the book.

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